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Drug Delivery and 3R-Models


A key challenge for effective therapy is often posed by the adequate delivery of drugs to the site of action in the human body. Overcoming structural instability of biomacromolecules and poor aqueous solubility of small molecules, as well as realizing tailor-made release kinetics and targeting diseased tissues exhibit only some of the scientific challenges in the design of adequate drug carrier systems. Further, simulation of physiological and pathophysiological conditions in the human body for predictive testing of future medicines requires adequate test models in combination with sophisticated analytics.
In this context, we apply a multidisciplinary approach consisting of the following three pillars:
(I) Innovative technologies for the design and fabrication of advanced drug carriers,
(II) Predictive cell- and tissue-based in vitro models as 3R (replace, reduce, refine) alternatives to animal testing in particular to address the pathophysiological conditions (e.g. infection/inflammation),
(III) Advanced analytical imaging techniques allowing to obtain qualitative as well as quantitative data in a non-invasive and label-free manner.
We are an international and multi-disciplinary team working on our research vision side by side with many cooperation partners worldwide. Close collaboration with our clinical partners allows for direct translation from the laboratory bench to the patient´s bedside.

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