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Member of Molecular Cell Biology of Plants Group

Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff

Professor & group leader
Phone: +49 (0)69 798-29287
Fax: +49 (0)69 798-29286



Curriculum Vitae  
Since 2019 Director, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
2014-2019 Director, Buchmann Institute of Molecular Life Sciences
Since 2013 Liaison Officer of "Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes"
2012-2018 Vice president, Goethe University Frankfurt
2012-2019 Member of the Board of Directors, Cluster of Excellence Macromolecular Complexes
Since 2012 Chair of "SPOT-ITN", funded by the Marie Curie EU-programm
Since 2012 Co-Director of UniWIND
Since 2011 Vice chair, SFB 902
2009 - 2012 Director, Center of Membrane Proteomics, Frankfurt
2007-2019 PI, Cluster of Excellence "Macromolecular Complexes"
Since 2007 Professor (W3) at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Head of the Institute for "Molecular Cell Biology of Plants"
2003 - 2007 Independent young investigator group leader at the LMU Munich, funded by VW-Foundation
1999 - 2003 Postdoc position at University of Kiel / LMU Munich; mentor: J. Soll
1993 - 1994 Laboratory work at the GU Mainz; Mentor: Prof Otten
1999 Laboratory work at the TU Dresden; mentor: Dr Märten
University education  
2003 Habilitation in Cell-Biology/ Botany at the LMU Munich
1999 PhD Examination
1996 - 1998 PhD, McGill University Montreal, Canada, (exceptional; mentor: G.C. Shore)
1995 Master thesis, Biocenter of the University Basel, Switzerland (very good; mentor: Prof Schwarz / Dr Vergeres)
1992 - 1995 Diploma in Physics, Gutenberg University of Mainz (very good)
1992 Bachelor/Prediploma, Physics, Charles-University of Prague, Czech Republik
1990 - 1992 Study of Physics, Charles-University of Prague, Czech Republik
Fellowships & Awards  
2014 Spiridon Brusina Medal from the Croatian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2004 Strassburger Prize
2004 Habilitationspreis of the LMU Munich
2003 - 2008 Volkswagen-Nachwuchsgruppenleiter (Deutschland)
1999 Entrance into the Book of honor McGill University
1998 McGill Cancer Center Award, Canada
1998 McGill Major PhD Award, Canada
1997 Alma Mater Award, McGill University, Canada
1997 McKinnell Award (Canada)
1996 - 1998 DAAD HSP-II & HSP-III Fellowship
1995 Fellowship from the Nikolaus & Berta Burckhardt-Bürgin foundation, Switzerland
1995 Fellowship of the Dr Carl Duisberg foundation


Research interests
Protein targeting and translocation to and across membranes
GTPase function
Protein and organelle evolution
Metabolite transport and transporters
Stress response mechanisms in plants
Ribosome biogenesis
Bioinformatic analysis and modeling of protein structures 


Five most important publications 2011-2015
Tillmann B, Röth S, Bublak D, Sommer M, Stelzer E, Scharf K-D, Schleiff E (2015) Hsp90 is involved in the regulation of cytosolic precursor protein abundance in tomato. Mol Plant 8:228-241

Lumme C, Altan-Martin H, Dastvan R, Sommer MS, Oreb M, Schuetz D, Hellenkamp B, Mirus O, Kretschmer J, Lyubenova S, Kügel W, Medelnik JP, Dehmer M, Michaelis J, Prisner TF, Hugel T, Schleiff E (2014) Nucleotides and substrates trigger the dynamics of the Toc34 GTPase homodimer involved in chloroplast preprotein translocation. Structure 22:526-538

Hellmich UA, Weis BL, Lioutikov A, Wurm JP, Kaiser M, Christ NA, Hantke K, Kotter P, Entian KD, Schleiff E*, Wöhnert J* (2013) Essential ribosome assembly factor Fap7 regulates a hierarchy of RNA-protein interactions during small ribosomal subunit biogenesis. P Natl Acad Sci USA 110:15253-15258

Tripp J, Hahn A, Koenig P, Flinner N, Bublak D, Brouwer EM, Ertel F, Mirus O, Sinning I, Tews I, Schleiff E (2012) Structure and conservation of the periplasmic targeting factor Tic22 protein from plants and cyanobacteria. J Biol Chem 287:24164-24173

Hahn A, Bublak D, Schleiff E, Scharf KD (2011) Crosstalk between Hsp90 and Hsp70 chaperones and heat stress transcription factors in tomato. Plant Cell 23:741-755

*joint corresponding authors

Ivonne Wogatzke

Administrative Assistant
Phone: +49 (0)69 798-29285
Fax: +49 (0)69 798-29286


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