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The molecular recognition of phosphatidic acid by an amphipathic helix in Opi1.
The Journal of cell biology
Hofbauer HF, Gecht M, Fischer SC, Seybert A, Frangakis AS, Stelzer EHK, Covino R, Hummer G, Ernst R PubMed
Sep 2018 Volume: 217 Issue: 9 Pages: 3109-3126

Cellular mechanisms of physicochemical membrane homeostasis.
Current opinion in cell biology
Ernst R, Ballweg S, Levental I PubMed
Aug 2018 Volume: 53 Issue: Pages: 44-51

An Emerging Group of Membrane Property Sensors Controls the Physical State of Organellar Membranes to Maintain Their Identity.
BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology
Radanović T, Reinhard J, Ballweg S, Pesek K, Ernst R PubMed
May 2018 Volume: 40 Issue: 5 Pages: e1700250

CHIP as a membrane-shuttling proteostasis sensor.
Kopp Y, Lang WH, Schuster TB, Martínez-Limón A, Hofbauer HF, Ernst R, Calloni G, Vabulas RM PubMed
11 2017 Volume: 6 Issue: Pages:

Iron affects Ire1 clustering propensity and the amplitude of endoplasmic reticulum stress signaling.
Journal of cell science
Cohen N, Breker M, Bakunts A, Pesek K, Chas A, Argemí J, Orsi A, Gal L, Chuartzman S, Wigelman Y, Jonas F, Walter P, Ernst R, Aragón T, van Anken E, Schuldiner M PubMed
Oct 2017 Volume: 130 Issue: 19 Pages: 3222-3233

Activation of the Unfolded Protein Response by Lipid Bilayer Stress.
Molecular cell
Halbleib K, Pesek K, Covino R, Hofbauer HF, Wunnicke D, Hänelt I, Hummer G, Ernst R PubMed
Aug 2017 Volume: 67 Issue: 4 Pages: 673-684.e8

Control of membrane fluidity: the OLE pathway in focus.
Biological chemistry
Ballweg S, Ernst R PubMed
02 2017 Volume: 398 Issue: 2 Pages: 215-228

Homeoviscous Adaptation and the Regulation of Membrane Lipids.
Journal of molecular biology
Ernst R, Ejsing CS, Antonny B PubMed
12 2016 Volume: 428 Issue: 24 Pt A Pages: 4776-4791

A Eukaryotic Sensor for Membrane Lipid Saturation.
Molecular cell
Covino R, Ballweg S, Stordeur C, Michaelis JB, Puth K, Wernig F, Bahrami A, Ernst AM, Hummer G, Ernst R PubMed
07 2016 Volume: 63 Issue: 1 Pages: 49-59

Homeostatic control of biological membranes by dedicated lipid and membrane packing sensors.
Biological chemistry
Puth K, Hofbauer HF, Sáenz JP, Ernst R PubMed
Sep 2015 Volume: 396 Issue: 9-10 Pages: 1043-58

Evidence for a molecular diode-based mechanism in a multispecific ATP-binding cassette (ABC) exporter: SER-1368 as a gatekeeping residue in the yeast multidrug transporter Pdr5.
The Journal of biological chemistry
Mehla J, Ernst R, Moore R, Wakschlag A, Marquis MK, Ambudkar SV, Golin J PubMed
Sep 2014 Volume: 289 Issue: 38 Pages: 26597-606

Crosstalk of lipid and protein homeostasis to maintain membrane function.
Biological chemistry
Stordeur C, Puth K, Sáenz JP, Ernst R PubMed
Mar 2014 Volume: 395 Issue: 3 Pages: 313-26

A lipid E-MAP identifies Ubx2 as a critical regulator of lipid saturation and lipid bilayer stress.
Molecular cell
Surma MA, Klose C, Peng D, Shales M, Mrejen C, Stefanko A, Braberg H, Gordon DE, Vorkel D, Ejsing CS, Farese R, Simons K, Krogan NJ, Ernst R PubMed
Aug 2013 Volume: 51 Issue: 4 Pages: 519-30

Enzymatic blockade of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.
PLoS biology
Ernst R, Claessen JH, Mueller B, Sanyal S, Spooner E, van der Veen AG, Kirak O, Schlieker CD, Weihofen WA, Ploegh HL PubMed
Mar 2011 Volume: 8 Issue: 3 Pages: e1000605

The multidrug transporter Pdr5: a molecular diode?
Biological chemistry
Gupta RP, Kueppers P, Schmitt L, Ernst R PubMed
Jan 2011 Volume: 392 Issue: 1-2 Pages: 53-60

High-throughput evaluation of the critical micelle concentration of detergents.
Analytical biochemistry
Jumpertz T, Tschapek B, Infed N, Smits SH, Ernst R, Schmitt L PubMed
Jan 2011 Volume: 408 Issue: 1 Pages: 64-70

Multidrug efflux pumps: substrate selection in ATP-binding cassette multidrug efflux pumps--first come, first served?
The FEBS journal
Ernst R, Kueppers P, Stindt J, Kuchler K, Schmitt L PubMed
Feb 2010 Volume: 277 Issue: 3 Pages: 540-9

The otubain YOD1 is a deubiquitinating enzyme that associates with p97 to facilitate protein dislocation from the ER.
Molecular cell
Ernst R, Mueller B, Ploegh HL, Schlieker C PubMed
Oct 2009 Volume: 36 Issue: 1 Pages: 28-38

A straight path to circular proteins.
The Journal of biological chemistry
Antos JM, Popp MW, Ernst R, Chew GL, Spooner E, Ploegh HL PubMed
Jun 2009 Volume: 284 Issue: 23 Pages: 16028-36

A mutation of the H-loop selectively affects rhodamine transport by the yeast multidrug ABC transporter Pdr5.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Ernst R, Kueppers P, Klein CM, Schwarzmueller T, Kuchler K, Schmitt L PubMed
Apr 2008 Volume: 105 Issue: 13 Pages: 5069-74

Engineering ATPase activity in the isolated ABC cassette of human TAP1.
The Journal of biological chemistry
Ernst R, Koch J, Horn C, Tampé R, Schmitt L PubMed
Sep 2006 Volume: 281 Issue: 37 Pages: 27471-80

Yeast ATP-binding cassette transporters: cellular cleaning pumps.
Methods in enzymology
Ernst R, Klemm R, Schmitt L, Kuchler K PubMed
2005 Volume: 400 Issue: Pages: 460-84

A specific interaction between the NBD of the ABC-transporter HlyB and a C-terminal fragment of its transport substrate haemolysin A.
Journal of molecular biology
Benabdelhak H, Kiontke S, Horn C, Ernst R, Blight MA, Holland IB, Schmitt L PubMed
Apr 2003 Volume: 327 Issue: 5 Pages: 1169-79