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BMLS Fundraising Campaign for Refugees

Over 650.000 refugees uprooted by crisis especially in Serbia, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Eritrea und Bosnian-Herzegovina are expected in 2015 to seek asylum in Germany. It is the cruel truth that more than 2000 refugees were drown during their attempt to flee over the Mediterranean Sea to find shelter and help. The ones which made their exhausting and often very dangerous way to Germany are stranded at initial registration facilities across Germany. Those institutions are currently overstrained by the overwhelming number of refugees. Consequently, many of them – including babies, children, old, sick or injured people – do not have a place to sleep or to recover from their terrible experiences which lie behind them. More and more cities are starting to build e.g. tent camps for the refugees. But there is a huge lack of simple, material things.

Therefore, members from the BMLS institute initiated a fund-raising campaign for the refugees. A labelled container for material donations will be placed in the foyer at the ground floor in the BMLS institute. The collected donations are then brought personally to the refugee camp in Darmstadt, the association “Arbeitskreis Asyl Maintal” and the Caritas in Frankfurt.

With this campaign, BMLS intends to welcome the refugees in Germany and make their tough start into a new life a little bit easier

Here are the things which are currently needed urgently (status: 04 September 2015):

• Underwear for men and women • Socks • Gloves • Scarves • Towels • Men’s shoes (size 40-42) • Women’s shoes (size 36-37) • Sandals (for bathing) for men, women and children • Warm coats (small sizes for women and men) • Sanitary napkin and diapers • Suitcases and travel bags • Footballs, volleyballs, basketballs • Popular board games (i.e. backgammon, domino, chess, checkers) • Playing cards and dices • Badminton sets • Pens and felt-pens for children • Adhesive tape • Bicycle and bicycle parts

Contact information:

Isabell Smyrek & Biena Mathew (AK Stelzer) | Room 1.637 or 1.639 | Tel. 069 798 42548 or 069 798 42549 | isabell.smyrek(at) or biena.mathew(at)