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100 Years Goethe University – Uni Cup Rowing Regatta.

In the context of "100 Years Goethe University" and the "5th Frankfurter Ruderfest" a challenching rowing regatta has been organized by Prof. Enrico Schleiff (Goethe University), Kaan Erkinay (GU) and Oliver Palme (Frankfurter Regatta Verein). In spite of chilly weather a total of twenty Goethe University teams competed in the rowing race. All teams consisted of 8 oarsmen and 1 (professional) steersman. In preparation for the race each team had the chance to join three training units in advance. Beside intense and catching rowing races visitors could enjoy live music, barbeques and other activities. BMLS accepted the challenge and formed an excellent team consisting of PhD students and postdoctoral scientist Isabell Smyrek, Katharina Hötte, LaShae Nicholson, Florian Csintalan, Florian Cop, Bo-Jui Chang, Till Moreth and David Kleinhans.

Supported by common spirit loud cheering of BMLS colleagues the BMLS team finished an excellent 8th (place?) ! Congratulations!!!