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News - 2017

19th December 2017 Enrico Schleiff appointed BMLS Director for another 4 years in office Read more
10th October 2017 Molecular basis for memory and learning Read more
7th September 2017 5th BMLS Feldberg Challenge Read more
6th September 2017 BMLS Josef Buchmann Awards CeremonyRead more
30th Jul 2017 CRS Award for research on drug delivery and alternatives to animal testing Read more
5th Jul 2017 Funding for new LOEWE research cluster DynaMem: Algorithmic description and modelling of membrane dynamics Read more

13th Jun 2017

Linear ubiquitination controls Salmonella growth Read more
8th Jun 2017 First BMLS Foyer Quiz Read more
8th May 2017 Linear ubiquitination controls Salmonella growth Read more
20th Apr 2017 3rd BMLS student symposium Read more
11th Apr 2017 Ivan Dikic awarded ERC Advanced Investigator Grant Read more
22nd Mar 2017 The next generation of top scientists visits BMLS Read more
14th Mar 2017 How to brew high-value fatty acids with brewer's yeast Read more
2nd Feb 2017 A molecular 'gear shift' in the nervous system Read more
1st Feb 2017 New research group joins BMLS Read more