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News - 2016

1st Dec 2016 New ubiquitin chemistry regulates life processes Read more
1st Dec 2016 International marketing concept of UBAUT networks receives DFG award Read more
21st Nov 2016 SFB 1080 funding extended Read more
15th Nov 20016 HFSPCryo-electron microscopy: Visualization of the structure of RNA polymerase I while actively transcribing ribosomal DNA genes Read more
4th Oct 2016 HFSPBMLS participates in the Goethe Universities "Academic Welcome Program" Read more
30th Sep 2016 HFSP Unveiling the ubiquitin fingerprint induced by Salmonella infection Read more
12th Jul 2016 HFSPNew LOEWE collaborative project MegaSyn Read more
27th Jun 2016 HFSP
Signal for targeting β-barrel proteins to mitochondria identified Read more
21st Jun 2016 HFSPHow yeast cells regulate their fat balance Cylinder-shaped structures measure saturated and unsaturated fatty acids Read more
3rd Jun 2016 Anniversary: 5 years BMLS at Riedberg Read more
21st Abr 2016 HFSPQuality control in oocytes by p63 is based on a spring-loaded activation mechanism Read more
29th Feb 2016 HFSPNew EU project addresses diabetes with pancreas organoids Read more
31st Jan 2016 HFSP4th BMLS Ski Retreat Read more
28th Jan 2016 HFSPUncovering the secrets of root growth Read more
21st Jan 2016 HFSPRoles of autophagy during tumorigenesis Read more