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Non-catalytic kinase functions

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Sebastian Mathea


Sebastian Mathea is obsessed with protein structures, no matter whether it’s about catalytic mechanisms, substrate recognition or inhibitor binding modes.



Franziska Preuss


Franziska Preuss is the rising star in the pseudokinase field. Gotta solve 'em all! In the end, there'll be a pattern, hopefully.



Deep Chatterjee


Deep Chatterjee is the 'King of Insect Cells'. His way of making challenging proteins is unexcelled in terms of yield and purity.



Biochemical Journal - Lessons from LIMK1

Latest results on LIMK1:

  • Potential drug target to prevent #ALS and #FXS

  • ‘Rock-and-poke’ mechanism of catalysis

  • Docking sites for conventional & allosteric inhibitors
Full publication.

Expanded panel of active DUBs across the different enzyme subfamilies


This is from collaboration with Benedikt Kessler's lab in Oxford. Profiling active DUBs in cells with a mass spec proteomics approach. We contributed making the ubiquitin probe! Full publication.

Cover: High-Throughput Protein Production and Purification


We just published a method paper about how to make recombinant protein kinases PMID 31267453.