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News - 2014

15th Dez 2014

HFSPNew approach to modifying functional properties of rhodopsin optogenetic tools – via the retinal chromophore, not the protein. Read more

12th Nov 2014

HFSP1st BMLS student symposium. Read more

05th Nov 2014

HFSPVisit of Birgitta Wolff. Read more

29th Sep 2014

HFSPBreakthrough in liver cancer - New mutation causing early onset liver cancer detected. Read more

25th Aug 2014 HFSPIvan Dikic to become a Vallee Visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School. Read more
1st June 2014 HFSPBMLS opens its doors to the general public as part of the open day on Riedberg Campus. Read more
30th May 2014 HFSP100 Years Goethe University – Uni Cup Rowing Regatta. Read more
26th May 2014 HFSPNon-invasive long-term fluorescence live imaging of Tribolium castaneum embryos. Read more
25th April 2014 HFSPHFSP Program Grant for BMLS. Read more
11th April 2014 Amparo Acker Palmer will join the MPI for Brain Research as a Max Planck Fellow. Read more
10th April 2014 The control of signaling in immunity and inflammation. Read more
18th March 2014 German Society for Cell Biology honours Ernst Stelzer. Read more
25th Feb 2014 New piece in the puzzle of neuronal communication. Read more
10th Feb 2014 BMLS scientists Deepika Singh and Christian Pohl uncover a biomechanical mechanism for embryonic patterning. Read more