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News - 2015

9th Dec 2015 HFSP2nd BMLS student symposium Read more
30th Nov 2015 HFSPBMLS Fundraise for Refugees Read more
20th Nov 2015 HFSPDFG funds autophagy research network - 11 million € for establishing a new Collaborative Research Centre Read more
19th Oct 2015 HFSP2nd BMLS Student Symposium - Call for Talks and Posters Poster
19th Oct 2015 HFSPMembership of Academia Europea Read more
3rd Oct 2015 HFSPSGRF Excellence in Science Award for Ivan Dikic Read more
Oct 2015 HFSPIvan Dikic appointed as a Senior Editor of eLife Read more
1st Oct 2015 BMLS adds a modern mass spectrometer Read more
25th Sep 2015 HFSPModel system for the study of heartbeat irregularities Read more
8th Sep 2015 Novel optogenetic Tool for light-dependent generation of the cellular signaling molecule cGMP Read more
7th Sep 2015 BMLS Fundraising Campaign for Refugees Read more
16th Jul 2015 HFSPScience is fun - School children visit the lab Read more
17th Jun 2015 HFSPMartin Grininger appointed BMLS Vice Director Read more
3rd Jun 2015 HFSPWhen quality control fails Read more
20th May 2015 EMBO announces new members for 2015 Read more
15th May 2015

HFSP Novel gene causing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Read more

12th Mai 2015

HFSPHow do neurons and blood vessels "talk" to each other? Read more

29th Apr 2015

HFSPBMLS Director Enrico Schleiff re-elected GU Vice-President. Read more

21st Apr 2015

HFSPZooming into wound healing. Read more

24th Mar 2015

Next generation optogenetics: tool development and application Read more

06th Jan 2015

HFSPDialkylresorcinols as bacterial signaling molecules. Read more

06th Jan 2015

HFSPPLEKHM1: A Multifunctional Adaptor for the Endolysosomal System. Read more

02nd Jan 2015

HFSPLight sheet-based fluorescence microscopy is the Nature Method of the Year 2014. Read more