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Prof. Dr. Martin Grininger
Professor for Biomolecular Chemistry &
Group Leader

Professor & Group Leader
Phone: +49 (0)69 798-42705

Martin was a project leader in the group of Prof. Dieter Oesterhelt at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried before he moved to Goethe University Frankfurt in 2012 as Lichtenberg Professor of the Volkswagen Foundation.

Curriculum Vitae  
since 2020 Professor (permanent) for Biomolecular Chemistry, Institute for Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology
2015 -2017 Vice-Director Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (BMLS)
(Buchmann Institut für die molekularen Lebesnwissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
2012-2019 Lichtenberg-Professor, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, Cluster of Excellence "Macromolecular Complexes", Goethe University Frankfurt
2010-2011 Guest Professor, University of Vienna, Faculty of Chemistry, Austria
2006-2011 Group Leader of project group "Biological Chemistry", Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried near Munich, Germany
2002-2006 PhD, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany
2001-2002 Diploma in Chemistry, Technical University Graz, Austria
Awards and Fellowships  
2017 LOEWE Research Cluster MegaSyn (Speaker)
2014 Preis für Exzellente Lehre am Fachbereich Biochemie, Chemie und Pharmazie der Goethe Universitüt Frankfurt
2007 Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry Junior Research Award
2001 Leonardo da Vinci Fellowship
Selected Publications
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of fluorinated polyketides. Rittner A, Joppe M, Schmidt JJ, Mayer LM, Reiners S, Heid E, Herzberg D, Sherman DH, Grininger M. (2022)

Solution Structure and Conformational Flexibility of a Polyketide Synthase Module. Klaus M, Rossini E, Linden A, Paithankar KS, Zeug M, Ignatova Z, Urlaub H, Khosla C, Köfinger J, Hummer G, Grininger M. (2021)
JACS Au jacsau.1c00043

Transacylation Kinetics in Fatty Acid and Polyketide Synthases and Its Sensitivity to Point Mutations. Stegemann F, Grininger M. (2021)
ChemCatChem, 13, 2771–2782.
(Front Cover: ChemCatChem 2021, 13, 2743.)

Cell-free synthesis of natural compounds from genomic DNA of biosynthetic gene clusters. Siebels I, Nowak S, Heil CS, Tufar P, Cortina, NS, Bode HB*, Grininger M. (2020)
ACS Synth Biol. 9, 2418-2426.

The Ketosynthase Domain Constrains the Design of Polyketide Synthases. Klaus M, Buyachuihan L, Grininger M. (2020)
ACS Chem Biol. DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.0c00405.

Protein denaturation at the water-air interface and how to prevent it. D'Imprima E, Floris D, Joppe M., Sánchez R, Grininger M, Kühlbrandt W. (2019)
eLife 2019;8:e42747.

Characterization of the polyspecific transferase of murine type I fatty acid synthase (FAS) and implications for polyketide synthase (PKS) engineering.Rittner A, Paithankar KS, Vu Huu K, Grininger M. (2018)
ACS Chem Biol. 3, 723-732.

Engineering fungal de novo fatty acid synthesis for short chain fatty acid production.Gajewski J, Pavlovic R, Fischer M, Boles E, Grininger M. (2017)
Nat Commun. 8, 14650.

Expanding the product portfolio of fungal type I fatty acid synthases. Zhu Z, Zhou YJ, Krivoruchko A, Grininger M, Zhao ZK, Nielsen J. (2017)
Nat Chem Biol. 13, 360-362.

Engineering fatty acid synthases for directed polyketide production. Gajewski J, Buelens F, Serdjukow S, Janßen M, Cortina N, Grubm¨ller H, Grininger M. (2017)
Nat Chem Biol. 13, 363-365.
(Front Cover and highlighted in News and Views: Maier T. (2017) Fatty acid synthases: Re-engineering biofactories. Nat Chem Biol. 13, 344-345.

Theodora Ruppenthal

Administrative Assistant
Phone: +49 (0)69 798-29233

Ilka Siebels

Technical Assistant
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Svenja Berlage

PhD Student
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Lynn Buyachuihan

PhD Student
Phone: +49 (0)69 798-42704

Christian Gusenda

PhD Student
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Felix Lehmann

PhD Student
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Damian Ludig

PhD Student
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Simon Henrik Reiners

PhD Student
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