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CRS Award for research on drug delivery and alternatives to animal testing

July 2017. Maike Windbergs, Professor for Pharmaceutical Technology and research group leader of the Drug Delivery and 3R-Models Group at BMLS, received the Controlled Release Society (CRS) T. Nagai Postdoctoral Research Achievement Award for her outstanding scientific achievements in the field of drug delivery spanning from carrier design up to development of complex preclinical in vitro models to test novel medicines. The Controlled Release Society is one of the biggest international non-profit organizations dedicated to science and technology of controlled release. The T. Nagai Postdoctoral Research Achievement Award has been established to recognize an individual young researcher who has recently completed postdoctoral research in controlled release science and technology and was awarded to Maike Windbergs during the CRS annual meeting and exposition which was held 16-19th of July in Boston.

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Prof. Dr. Maike Windbergs
Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences | Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology
Goethe University Frankfurt