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Volker Dötsch elected to EMBO membership
The FMLS Vice Director and Professor at the Institute of Biophysical Chemistry of the Goethe University Frankfurt has been elected by EMBO as one of 46 new members worldwide. Read German Press Release.

New defense mechanism against Salmonella elucidated
An international group of scientists around FMLS director Ivan Dikic dissects molecular link in autophagy (Uni Frankfurt, Mai 2011). Read German or English press release.

The world's smallest wedding rings
FMLS scientist Alexander Heckel and his PhD student Thorsten Schmidt create two interlocking rings of DNA (Uni Frankfurt, April 2011). Read German or English press release.

A new signaling pathway of the immune system is elucidated
A new signaling pathway, important for the regulation of immune responses and inflammation, was discovered by an international team of scientists led by FMLS director Ivan Dikic (Uni Frankfurt, March 2011). Read German or English press release.

Maintaining genomic stability in the female germline
The group of FMLS scientist Volker Dötsch has revealed for the first time how the activity of quality control factor p63 is regulated in oocytes (Uni Frankfurt, February 2011) Read more