Research Groups


Electron Microscopy


The BMLS holds advanced electron microscopes, relevant sample preparation techniques and specialized instrumentation. Techniques can be applied and adapted to various projects across the BMLS to access molecular resolution at the level of cell organization. New users will be introduced to the microscopes and will be intensively trained in the various applications for cellular structure modeling to make best use of the advanced equipment.

The equipment includes a new microscope and computing set-up with effective programs for 3D reconstruction and image modeling destined to perform cellular tomography of plastic embedded and cryo-fixed samples. The new microscopes, a FEI Krios Titan and a FEI Tecnai F20, are equipped as cryo-microscopes to support cryo-electron microscopy and tomography investigations. The microscopes are managed by experienced EM researchers.

Correlative microscopy technology has been established. Cells can be cryo-fixed by high-pressure freezing directly after visualization under the light microscopes. With a special cryo-stage cells can be observed under the Zeiss fluorescence light microscope under liquid nitrogen temperatures.