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BMLS participates in the Goethe Universities "Academic Welcome Program"


On October 4, a guided tour through the Campus Riedberg took place for the participants of the "Academic Welcome Program" (AWP). The tour started at the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (BMLS) with a warm welcome and a short introduction by the BMLS Vice Director Prof. Martin Grininger. With a lot of enthusiasm, the participants were guided through the labs of Prof. Amparo Acker-Palmer by Dr. Marta Segarra and the PhD student Florian Cop, explaining one aspect of their research focus on the molecular communication routes on which the formation of neuronal and vascular networks is based. Subsequently Dr. Misha Kudryashev gave an overview of his research projects using single particle cryo-electron-microscopy and tomography while showing his labs at the MPI of Biophysics. The tour went through various institutes on the Riedberg campus and ended again at the BMLS by visiting the research group of Prof. Alexander Gottschalk where the participants could attend a presentation highlighting the major research topics of the group. Afterwards, the participants visited the microscopy facility of the Gottschalk group where they could ask questions and observe the model organism C. elegance through the microscope.

All participants were enthusiastic about the tour and gave very positive feedback afterwards. The tour was initiated by the (former) AWP coordinator Heidrun Zeug; Dr. Elena Wiederhold was responsible for the concept, organization and realization of the tour.

BMLS would like to thank the organizers and the participating labs for their commitment and support!

Dr. Elena Wiederhold
BMLS, Molecular Membrane Biology group, Prof. Robert Ernst
Phone: 069 798 42525
Email: wiederhold(at)