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Neuro and Vascular Guidance

The formation of both nervous and vascular systems is regulated by a combination of attractive and repulsive cues. It is now well known that vessels and nerves share molecular mechanisms for both their development and later during plasticity phenomena in the adult organism, including pathological situations.
In our lab we are focused in studying the molecular mechanisms of such guidance cues using a broad array of techniques including in vivo mouse models, tissue explants and cellular and biochemical assays. The Eph/ephrin system constitutes a striking example on how the nervous and vascular systems appear to use related developmental mechanisms.
We have made good progress on understanding the molecular pathways involved in the function of Eph/ephrin signalling in the nervous system and have a strong focus on applying our knowledge to define the function this receptor/ ligand system in the vasculature. We have now started to understand how Eph and ephrin signalingis involved in endothelial guidance during development and pathology such as in tumour angiogenesis and tumour progression.
Interestingly, we have also established how ephrinB ligands are major regulators of the activity of many other membrane receptors by regulating their trafficking and endocytosis in cellular processes such as synapse formation and function, neuronal migration and endothelial cell function.

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