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4th BMLS Symposium

November 2018. Nathalie Jung (Maike Windbergs lab) and Olga Tschesnokowa (Amparo Acker-Palmer lab) were awarded for the best talk and the best poster presentation during the 4th BMLS Symposium.

Students and postdocs met at the 4th BMLS symposium on 8 November 2018 for what is also called the "non-supervised" symposium, an informal appointment where they could share and discuss their own research without supervisors. The event should encourage interdisciplinary peer-discussions, and enable connections within different fields and other colleagues. Moreover, this year students from FIAS joined the initiative, and four international speakers enriched the program.

The lecture hall was well-filled with more than seventy attendees, where international invited speakers gave talks alternating with student and postdoc speakers. In-between breaks made room for a poster-and-pizza session and poster discussions over coffee.

The opening had a special focus on Gender bias in science with neuroscientist Dr. Belinda Pletzer from Universität Salzburg talking on brain and sex-differences, and Dr. Alexis-Michel Mugabushaka from the European Research Council (ERC) who presented their research on gender bias in the context of the ERC- grant applications. In the afternoon Dr. Massimo Sandal (science writer) talked about controversial science and society in the age of bipolarism and how to address scientific topics with general public. Dr. Bernd Pulverer (EMBO editor) shared on editorial process and integrity in science.

At the end of the day a committee awarded the best poster and the best talk among the students and the postdocs who presented a poster or gave a talk, and BMLS Director Enrico Schleiff announced the winners during the social evening. The price for the best talk was awarded to Nathalie Jung from Maike Windbergs’ lab, and the best poster award to Olga Tschesnokowa from Amparo Acker-Palmer’s lab.

The commission was composed of two internal PhD-Postdoc, and our guest speakers: Dr. Belinda Pletzer (Salzburg University), Dr. Mugabushaka (ERC), Dr. Massimo Sandal (Science writer), and Dr. Bernd Pulverer (EMBO editor), and the award was a travel grant to cover the costs for a conference of choice up to 1000€.

The 5th BMLS Symposium will take place on the 7th November 2019. Please save the date!

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