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Unibator innovation award goes to Felix Rohde and Marcel Walther

30 September 2022

Congratulations to Marcel Walther and Felix Rohde from the Windbergs group for winning the first price of the Unibator Innovation Award.

The Unibator Innovation Award for scientific projects with start-up potential was presented for the first time this year. In addition to the prize money, the three winning teams can participate in the Goethe Startup School.

Felix’s and Marcel’s award-winning research involves the development of solid polymer nanofiber networks that can be applied to eyes in the form of flat, round patches. The patches are treated with pharmaceutical drugs and allow precise dosing of active ingredients. They dissolve immediately in the tear fluid when applied to the eye.

Further information:
Marcel Walther und Felix Rohde, Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Goethe University Frankfurt, contact details

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